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Reimagine Cambodia-s Blue Economy Campaign Project

KHT Ref No.:  97308989

Deadline:  05 Mar 2024

BESS Project Implementation Consultant

KHT Ref No.:  97308261

Deadline:  19 Mar 2024

Energy Efficient Streetlighting (EES)

KHT Ref No.:  97306276

Deadline:  30 Jun 2024

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

KHT Ref No.:  97306275

Deadline:  30 Sep 2024

818m Album Concrete × 4m × 0.15m × 0.15m

KHT Ref No.:  97300379

Deadline:  26 Feb 2024

2450m X 4m X 4m X 0.15m

KHT Ref No.:  97300378

Deadline:  28 Feb 2024

555m X 5m X 5m X 5m X 0.15m

KHT Ref No.:  97300377

Deadline:  28 Feb 2024

500m Long Sylonic Roads 5 M Wide Range 0.15m

KHT Ref No.:  97300376

Deadline:  05 Mar 2024

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